Get Organic Traffic on Website

 Get Organic Traffic on Website


Organic Traffic means online sharing of website content on social media , create back links registration on Google Tools means advertising without run ad campaign or PPC. PPC means pay per click it means person pay to google to run his website to grab a good amount of traffic at once. he pay for single click in Google Ad Words. Google Ad Words is that in which person pay a money to run website and google Ad Sense a website earn from Ads That means if your website shown ads of other website it simply define that your website is earning . That means and grab visitors attention. on websites. without after creating the website everyone wants to increase the result as soon as possible result on Google search pages on the top but how is it. Make the websites popular in organic way that means without spend a single penny or can say in other words without PPC let’s see what steps should follow.

Basic Steps

There are some basic steps for make popular to website let see what they are

  1. Content – whatever the content we write or put on website make sure there is no plagiarism.
  2. Title –    Keep the suitable title which is relevant to your content.
  • Description – well described about your post which create the chances of increasing traffic.
  • SEO On page – Well done SEO means create inbound and outbound links, Meta Tags means put the keywords which are mostly in demand. Keep the keywords shorts and simple.
  • How to choose Keyword – you can find the keywords relate to your niche from keyword planner tool. Take those keywords whose searches are more than competitions. Search means how many people search it and competition means websites are available.
  • ALT Tags – Name of picture which is applied on featured image is called Alt Tags and it is very important to give the name if you miss it then it will be count as broken image or error which increase the chances of bounce rate.
  • Apply ‘No follow’ Tag – Apply No follow tag on those which are under constructed if the page is crawled under constructed page or incomplete it can problem for SEO.

Steps for Organic Traffic.

First if you really want to run organic website then you must register of your website on place.

  1. Google Search Console – To Index your website on Google you have to register on google search console that means you direct address of your site to google Actually google crawl your website on two ways first crawls your site by the other website and second direct crawler come to your site.
  • Google Analytics – Analytics means counting of visitors at your website how many times they stop at your site. From which place mostly crowd is coming. For that you have to register of your website on google Analytics after registration the id will be occurred which start from UA 123456 This is given for example. Put this Id on every single page of your website or you want to crawl your website.
  • Content strategy – Content strategy means your content according to public demand must share on social media or according to your content. With lifting keywords.
  • Sitemap Plugin – Sitemap plugin creates on xml with the name of website domain name it is only for paid website. It is also part of registration on google to crawl website every single page.
  • Create social media – create all social media account name of your website like on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, to increase crawl rate and low bounce rate of your site.
  • Backlinks – Leave your website link on another website comment section with the name of your service and description your website content. It could be on any form like PDF, PPT, classifieds websites and directory submission etc.


 There is total 12 steps to follow and help in increase your website but in all these steps your content is king, if your content has some minor negative and irrelevant to visitors’ point of view then its hardly to get your site on above number on SERPs. Must follow all 12 points your site must be on SERPs Higher rank.

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