How to Unsubscribe Norton Antivirus And Get Refund |Marketing Ratna

 How to Unsubscribe Norton Antivirus And Get Refund |Marketing Ratna


Norton 360 is an advance level security software which work against where it protects your system from Fishing and other online threats. It is different from other software and has the power of fast-tracking virus and one more thing that it is considered to be very popular among other antiviruses software. Norton 360 save from different malwares to PC.

Process of Activation

At the time of buying Norton Antivirus Software. You will get the 25-digit code at the time of activation at your email id and when you buy it any store, they will give you card where is the mention 25-digit unique activation code that help in redemption. After activation of Norton create the Norton account and then downloaded the Product.

How to Setup

Now the question is How to setup Norton software. So, the first step is creating account on Norton and for that we require email id because only by your email id you can register.

Follow the steps to Activate the Norton

Open the site you can follow this link.

Now, sign up the account on Norton by using email id.

After login the account you can redeem your 25 unique digits by activation code.

How to Install the Norton Antivirus

  1. After downloaded the Norton and run the Norton and extract file.
  2. Now, follow the steps of Norton software and set up it.
  3. After installation Norton antivirus first step it and then restart your device.
  4. Congratulations! Now you are device are free from any viruses because the superior Norton Antivirus welcomed on your device.

How to get back your renewal and cancellation the subscription


Procedure after Purchasing.

If you purchase any product of Norton like Norton 360 you purchase so your first work will be is that you have to register yourself with all detail. If you are unhappy with that and your payment done so you can cancel your subscription and claim for your refund here. In this blog we will provide you complete guide relate to refund and take step on guidelines carefully to get your refund back and second it automatically give you update when there is end of subscription and you want to proceed on antivirus software so you can kindly ignore the notification of updating and remove the card details.

The procedure of refund is duration of 60 days and if you use your mode of payment by debit or credit card so you can get your refund less than 60 days.


Refund Guidelines

  • Enter the last four digit of debit or credit card which you use at the time of purchase.
  • Put the Expiry date of card
  • Give your Email- id

Now, keep eye on all this information while chatting to customer care executive to get your cash back. Because he will ask you to about all of these details while proceeding for refund.

Steps for Cancel the Subscription

  1. Get login in Norton
  2. Subscription page and see the option ‘Disable Automatic Renewal’ move the slider to ‘OFF’
  3. Now, Once cancels your subscription it will renew once and gets expired according to time.

Cancel the Subscription without Chat

If you have not received any payment bill so you can immediately cancel the subscription without any further chat process. You just need to login in your Norton account then disable the auto renewal option.




If you really want to uninstall or unsubscribed then you should go to direct customer care services those people help you solve the problem of refunding but make sure you should have all the information which you need at the time of installation because only that information can help you to take initiative. To unsubscribe the account.

You can use the chat process to its technical support executives are very helpful they will help you in any manner even when you living its services too.

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