How to Treat Depression

 How to Treat Depression

Depression is a disease that causes overthinking or in normal words tension. Continuously thinking about one thing. It leaves a bad effect on your health. Make you sad. Snatch your happiness. Many things are going to happen in your life. Like, get irritated soon.

Symptoms of Depression

It is a full-blown state in a mental illness, and the doctor recognized someone would be suffering from Depression at least five symptoms and they are depressed mood, loss of interest and pleasure, marked gain and loss of weight, sleep disturbance, being agitated or slow in actions, loss of energy and exhaustion, feeling of worthlessness or guilt, inability to concentrate, thoughts of death and suicide.

Depressed Mood – It is a deep feeling of dejection, despair, despondency, and emptiness which persists for most of the day, almost every day If you wan to know about mental helath kindly click on this link How To Improve Mental Health.

Loss of interest and pleasure – This is a lack of interest in normal daily activities and in what the future may hold.

Marked gain or loss weight –  A weight fluctuation of more than 5 percent of normal body weight in a month may occur.

Sleep disturbance – This means either sleeping too much or too little. Commonly, depressed people wake in the early hours of the morning and are unable to sleep anymore, even if they went to bed late. They usually feel extremely despondent at this time, particularly after bad dreams.

Being agitated & slow in actions – This nerviness and restlessness or, on the other hand, slowing up of thoughts, words, and actions is apparent to others as well as oneself.

Loss of energy and exhaustion – Difficult to get up, to get going, to do chores. The body seems to ache and there is a feeling of being drained.

Feeling of worthlessness and guilt – These may be strengthened by constant negative thinking about one’s past and future. When depressed you feel like a victim or you feel everything around you is jinxed. you are pessimistic, have no hopes, no pride in achievements, and feel responsible for an awful lot of pills, past or present, that may have nothing to do with you.

Thoughts of death or suicide – Such thoughts may come repeatedly to mind. When people are severely depressed, they may dwell on accounts of tragic deaths, they read about or hear in news, as well as think about ways they could kill themselves.

Causes of Depression

Many reasons may affect the development of depression.

Childhood Experiences – A child who is continually hit, told off, criticized, or treated without warmth may learn to repress feelings of hurt and pain, which in later life may surface as depression.

Painful Feelings – The feeling which is not expressed thoroughly or fear of explanation. This feeling also occurs when people feel helpless too much and their efforts don’t amount much are particularly susceptible to depression.

Personality – This has a bearing on whether we tend towards depression or not. People who are naturally more Optimistic, flexible, and adaptable are less likely than Pessimists and perfectionists to suffer. The way we think about ourselves and our lives can contribute considerably too. If we tend to be negative about our abilities, our potential, and about how we feel others see us, we are more likely to succumb to depressive feelings.

Life Events – Too much pessimistic life leads to depression-like crises, an over-under demanding, unsatisfying job, chronic pain, and a drastic feeling of loneliness, boredom, or uselessness.

Self-treatment of Depression

From childhood, we always listen to the proverb “where is a will, there is a way”. and yes, it’s true if we want to get rid of this highly developed mental disease we can do it. There are many ways to get rid of it. we are discussing below.

Expression of feelings – It is really to express that sorrow, problem with the friend, or writing in a diary. When you express your feeling, you will feel very light and relax. Because the problem we bury in our heart and regularly think about it makes us insane. So, it’s really necessary to express your feelings. Because after sharing the sorrow its always get half.

Think about what you think – sometimes, we lost in our thoughts as much we don’t know what we are thinking and lost we are spending the whole day in thinking, do first work is what we are thinking which negative thoughts fly into your heads. Write down your negative thoughts daily. At the end of the day with a mug of coffee write about your problems. And at the end of the paper write you will not think about it and move on with positive thoughts. Surely it will work and leads you to a positive life.

Take some exercise – Do something physical, 10 mins brisk walk or clean cupboard. Some physical Exercise will give you more energy, and mental peace too. Along with these, you will think in other than depression.

Think about good times – It is so easy, when you are depressed, to experience everything as all bad. Write down the good things that happen every day and look back at them a few days later. It can be shocked to realize that all is negative when you seem to be experiencing life that way, and it can be a pleasant shock which may be the lift you need to move on.

Do the opposite – when we hurt, our mind flies with negative thoughts. In that situation, we don’t do anything good and our heart accepts our situations and does not like to so, in the situation, if you want to get rid of the depression then do the opposite which is good and will give your life long happiness. Start with some lightweight physical exercise, do some shopping, read good books, keep you busy in some activities. Watch old albums where you can show your achievements.


Above all, remember that depression can be strengthening, if you have been down and can get yourself back up, that is positive indeed.

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