How should be the attitude during first Interview?

 How should be the attitude during first   Interview?


First Job Interview OMG, how will things be gone? How will I manage? will I get the job or not? How will it be etc.? …, relax. Don’t get stress yourself too much that you lose the job before gone. This is normal, which is done to be everyone. But some people or youngsters are overconfident, and they lose their job in overconfidence because they don’t care about their behavior and behave very casually after going into the office. And many things, so both are wrong under confidence and overconfidence.

When are we going first Job Interview feel very nervous. Some questions are continuously run in our minds, like what kind of question could be asked what kind of clothes I should wear? What type of body language should be kept? And these kinds of questions which makes us stress we lost everything. In this blog, you will study what kind of preparation should be done before an interview, like dressing sense? What question could be asking? How should be your body language? How removes your nervousness? What kind of behaviour should be there? Mistakes of the first interview.

Tips for Fresher Interview

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You have an interview on an upcoming day, and you know, get it today. So don’t be stress, don’t think about how you will prepare in just one day. So, come on. Don’t be stress and make a list for tomorrow of what preparation you need to be done. And in this blog, we are going to tell you what preparation should be done.

Study about Company profile – On which company you are going to interview, read about it so you can answer it correctly when the question came, how the company earns, employees, promotion of the company, net worth of the company, and fields the company involves. Their point is that what you think that how a company grows how can you help in the growth of you in your sector. Your sector means which department you will like in sales and marketing, production house, manager, accountant anything.

Well read about your job profile – Read that for which profile or department call for you interview and must prepare your C.V.  which the things you know very well. Please don’t keep the waste in your C.V. means maybe you learn about those things once in time in your life perhaps you have the certificate relate to it, but the skill is vanished so don’t write it in your c.v.

Prepare Introduction – Practice your self-introduction at home for betterment; read the below points.

My name is Riya (tell your name)

I was born and brought up in Delhi (name of your city)

The motive of you to do the job.

I have done my schooling from this school (name of your school, if you joined 2- 3 schools then take the name of that from where you finally passed out); and college from this.

I am a graduate or postgraduate in this (name of degree) and pursued this course (if you have done any course with your college studies.

Mention if you were in any sports activity or other activity like painting, writing, or poetry. If you have anyone of this hobby, then you must write on a resume. It will make your introduction very impressive.

Give family introduction (In my family, there are five members including me and talk about them, like if your father does job or business tell them, mummy doing job or housewife, grandfather is retired tell about siblings). Tell about your according; you don’t copy it; it is an example.

Make sure to tell only these things which you mention in your resume.

Interviewers always ask about it because they want to see how clear you about yourself want to explain. At that time, your nature should remain quite normal. Don’t hesitate to tell about them as you tell any random person. It is a vital part of the interview. Because the interviewer start to judge you from it. So, don’t be nervous and hesitate at this time.

What needs to be carried – All documents like first keep your resume ready, 10th 12th mark sheet, graduation and post-graduation degree, and any other document which show how quality you have. Don’t stuff too much in your bag.

Dressing Sense – Should be simple and impressive

Tie your hair back

Don’t apply too much makeup

Keep yourself accessories free (you can wear stud earrings).

Cut and file the nails and apply the transparent nail paint so your hands will be groomed.

Professional wear like plain & light shades and in the dark, you can choose black. Like the lightweight green, brown, white, black plain shirt, a skirt which covers the knees or trouser avoid denim. And coat over on it. / You can wear a saree or suit which gives a professional look. But keep your dressing as you also feel comfortable, no be loud.

Don’t wear high heels and any noisy sleepers.

Body Language

  • Hold your document file in your hand.
  • Keep a smile on your face while entering in office.
  • Say good morning to your interviewer.
  • Sit when your interview says you to sit.
  • Pull the chair politely and sit.
  • Don’t put the hands-on table.
  • Don’t cross the legs after sitting.
  • Keep straight your spine.
  • Keep yourself active.
  • Answered the question confidently.
  • Don’t hesitate.

Interview Questions

What question could be asked in the interview? Here, we discuss today.

Self-introduction (read above all points carefully)

Why do you want to join the company?

Why are you interested in this position?

What are your career goals / where do you want to see in the next five years? Ask this question to know how clear you are about your future. You can explain your plans here.

What are your Strengths and Weaknesses?

How do you handle rejections?

Are you interested in starting your business in the future?

What are your Hobbies and Interest?

What type of things has made you angry? how to deal with the situation

How solved your significant obstacles? There could be explained with an example.

Tell us about your essential past goal, which you accomplished?

Points to be Remember

We made some common mistakes which we did unknowingly, and these mistakes make least the chances of getting a job.

Call HR to ask the way of the company. Never do this; ask in one time whatever you want to ask, and you can ask for. Again, and again call him; it spoils your image.

Reach before time. Never be late.

Enter confidently

Use washroom to get freshen up, but when you enter, you should look fresh and confident. Don’t enter with a tired face. Or you are gasping.

Walk with attentivity . Keep your mind and body attentive.

Don’t eat and drink anything strictly outside the cabin. If you need that you need water, take it before entering in office compound.

Don’t answer anything before questioning.

Don’t tell any negative points about yourself.

Thank you

Marketing Ratna

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