Crypto Currency : Valuable Introduction

 Crypto Currency :  Valuable Introduction


Crypto means ‘Gupt ‘and currency means ‘Mudra’ Gupt mudra means secret currency or digital currency. No one knows who made it. It is available in many types’ bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum, Litecoin, Tether and libra. Its not like real paper and metal money we can’t touch it, not keep in pocket but it is saved in our digital wallet it is also called online currency because it is available only digital. We made a payment of it through computer. As we know that government has a control over their currency of every country but with crypto currency there is no rule follow like that. No one take a charge of it. In India we can invest on all kind of crypto currency and can easily buy and sell.  But now a days most popular cryptocurrency is Bitcoin and most of companies of India accepting a bitcoin as a payment. Its hard to believe but true. And in future its chances are increase. its not enough only for share market but in future will be use it of daily. Like for shopping, food delivery, travelling etc. India gradually welcome Bitcoin as a mode of payment.

Crypto Currency In India

Crypto currency was low in India because it was banned by RBI but from March 2020 the banned is removed after the order of supreme court. Before that it was illegal in India. Now the volume is increase of crypto currency users.

Crypto Currency was not popular in India because people have old thoughts in their mind that only FD, Mutual fund, shares and gold are good source of investment and afraid to welcome new point or can say insecurities of old mind. But investment in bitcoin brings new benefit in new era. Like easy mode of transaction and save time and international transaction also completed in very little of time. There is little amount on transaction commission or just namesake. There is no middle man between giver and taker plus it is more confidential and save. Complete security systems are provided.

Big companies like Facebook, Amazon, Walmart and PayPal are using Cryptocurrency and famous personalities like Elon musk, Jack Dorsey, countries are like Spain, China, USA and Japan has an innumerable user of cryptocurrency. It is very common in foreign countries, people and companies.

How to Use

It is very easy to use it. It is use by application Coin Switch Kuber you can switch and invest in seconds you can start it with rupees just 100/-  make avail of it otherwise value of single Bitcoin is 32,00,000. You can download the application from apple store or google play store. When you download it you will get benefit of 50/-Rs on Bitcoin and same as if will be refer your friends. Price of Bitcoin always fluctuate according to its demand

Steps of Downloading so you can avail the benefit of it.

  1. Download the application Coin switch kuber.
  2. Then sign up with your mobile number.
  3. Enter a OTP on application which comes in your message box.
  4. Then you submit a 4-digit code.
  5. Complete with KYC.
  6. But there are some steps also for KYC.
  7. For doing KYC You have to fill your Details like – Full name, Date of Birth and email id.
  8. After that you will receive the OTP in your email id and use that OTP.
  9. Next level is to enter the PAN Card Details.
  10. Now, the turn comes to up national identification which is done by Identification Card like AADHAR Card/ Voter Id Card or Passport whatever you have.
  11. capture your smiley face I mean upload your selfie.
  12. Last step but not least and it is entering your bank and invest money in bitcoin wallet. So that you can buy and sell easily.
  13. After complete the sign up you will get the benefit of RS 50 and same as on referring friends and when your referred friend downloads it you will avail the benefit of Rs 50/- too.
  14. Now, you welcome in the world of trading.

Points to Remember

There is no doubt that Crypto Currency is highly profitable and it can make you Rich but it brings risk in same proportionate.

So, before buying any crypto currency must aware of it well study about it. Look at the last position of that currency by trend.

you will well know about its fluctuations and you will understand well that in how much time it getting up and when its down. And also known about break even points.

If you will understand how the work is it then you will surely what step should take to avail the benefit of higher profit and minimise the risk of loss.

I am sure this blog surely helps you what is it and how should use it.

Thank you.

Marketing Ratna

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