Corona Virus: What is it and How Can I Protect Myself

 Corona Virus: What is it and How Can I Protect Myself

What is corona virus, and how does it attack?
Coronaviruses are a type of virus with little protein spikes that resemble a swarm of bees. In Latin, it’s called “corona.” Hundreds of coronaviruses have been identified. Seven of them are capable of infecting humans and causing sickness. SARS-CoV, MERS-CoV, and SARS-CoV-2 are coronaviruses that cause SARS, MERS, and SARS-CoV-2, respectively.
1. Alpha
2. Beta
3. Gamma
4. Delta

How is covid Transmitted

COVID-19 is an abbreviation for COVID-19Four of the seven human coronaviruses are responsible for colds, which are a mild but highly contagious illness of the nose and throat. Two of them infect the lungs and produce a variety of serious ailments. The seventh, which causes COVID-19, has characteristics of each: it spreads quickly but can cause serious lung damage. Droplets containing the virus spray out when an infected individual coughs. When droplets enter a person’s nose or mouth, the virus can infect them. Coronaviruses thrive in confined places when people are in close proximity. Cold prevents the virus’s delicate casting from drying out, allowing it to persist between hosts for longer. UV radiation from sunshine can harm it. Seasonal variations are more important for established viruses. However, because no one is immune to a new virus, it has such a large number of potential hosts that it does not require optimal conditions to propagate. The protein spikes in the body embed and fuse with the host’s cells, allowing the virus to use the host cell’s machinery to duplicate its own DNA. Coronavirus genes are stored in RNA. RNA viruses and DNA viruses are found in all viruses. Because RNA viruses are smaller and have fewer genes, they can infect a large number of hosts and replicate swiftly in them. RNA viruses, in general, lack proofreading mechanisms, whereas DNA viruses have. As a result, when an RNA virus replicates, it is far more prone to make errors known as mutations. Many of these mutations are ineffective or even dangerous. However, other changes make the virus more suitable to specific conditions, such as a new host species. When a virus spreads from animals to humans, epidemics are common. The RNA viruses that produced the Ebola, Zika, SARS, and COVID-19 pandemics are examples of this. The virus continues to change in humans, usually not enough to form a new virus, but enough to develop variations. Strains are another option. From the first one. Coronaviruses differ from most RNA viruses in a few ways. They’re some of the biggest, which means they have a lot of DNA. This increases the chances of dangerous mutations. Vaccination Necessary For International Flight

Where did the coronavirus come from?
China reported many cases of atypical pneumonia to the World Health Organization on December 31st, 2019, in Wuhan, a city with a population of 11 million people.
Corona viruses are known to circulate in a variety of animals, and occasionally these viruses can make the leap from animals to humans. This is known as spillover, and it can be caused bya variety of circumstances, such as virus mutation or greater human animal  contact.
Mers-cov is known to be transmitted by camels, and Sars-cov is known to be transmitted by civet cats.

COVID 19 3rd Wave Is Coming

What will the 3rd wave virus be like?
In may 2021, the Union Health Ministry informed that the way covid 19 is failing, the third wave is inevitable.This information came in the public domain when the 2nd wave was at its peak, but there is no exact prediction of when and for how long the 3rd wave will appear not possible. Many variants of covid19 are active in India, 2nd wave may major cases were of delta variant which in April and May affected medical infrastructure in India.This variant was first revealed in India on 2 October 2020 but now this variant has failed in 98 countries.And there is also a dominant situation in many of these countries, people were wandering from hospital to oxygen cylinders.There were thousands of dots and reports showed an atmosphere of concern and apart from this variant, South African variants, Brazil variants & American variants We’re also Prevalent Scientists in a panel of Central Government believe that if covid 19 Appropriate Behavior like Mask, Hand Washing,If social and physical distancing is not followed, then the 3rd wave is attached in October or November.This panel which is working on modeling cases of covid 19 says that in peak time there will be half of the cases compared to 2nd wave The model which is the mathematical projection of the covid 19 Projector is working with Professor Manindra Agarwal
Those who told Hindustan Time, they would be half the cases from the 2nd wave at peak but if a strain merges then the infection would spread rapidly in the 3rd wave also.Delta plus variant an advance mutation of Delta Variant is creating an alarming situation in Asia. Delta Plus Is Rising Risk In India And Across Asia As Director General Tedros Adrian Warned That The World Is Seeing A Dangerous Period. The first case of the Delta Plus variant was reported in India on June 11, the second wave is yet to be concluded. SBI has more or less correctly predicted the second wave and as per it’s report on the third wave. It will start around mid -August in India with its peak in September.
COVID-19 the race to finishing line is predicting 1.7 times of peaks cases in Third wave as compared to second wave with the only solution of vaccination to prevent it. Only 56.8% of the population of India has been fully vaccinated and 87.5%with the first dose which is good.  Responding to the report by SBI, Union health department joint secretary Luv Agarwal stated that waves are not  challenging but the impact which is due to mutation virus & immunity development by people. The real challenges he stated are continuation of second wave, mitigation of next wave due to human behavior & following of COVID-19 protocol. Apart from research, local level actions such as  containment of infection in an area is much critical.
Director general ICMR- Dr Balram Bhargava suggest a close watch on positivity rate and rapid action if it exceeds beyond 10% in any area. It’s possible that the Delta plus version won’t cause the third wave, but keep in mind that the virus undergoes thousands of mutations every day, which is why the vaccination is our best hope of staying safe.

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