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Website Designing

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This blog contains information about website designing. And in this article, we study first, what is website? Website is an online presence of a business, organization, firm etc., a website contains information about firm. Website connected to all webpages containing hyperlinks according to allow website owners. First world wide web invented in 1991 by Trim Burners – Lee and in 1993 invited public on internet. For growth of the internet world wide web which is also known as web also. Website create on a particular topic like educational, entertainment, information, social media, news  Hyperlink between web pages guides the navigation of the site, which often starts with a home page. Home page is a main page of website. Basically, a website dedicated to particular topic.

Benefits of Websites

Website is an online identification of a company or a firm. By virtue of a website company take its business online. Provide information about their company product and services or can say free advertisement of company because if we see a normal way of advertising like TV, radio and newspaper so, first is that it’s very time consuming secondly heavy expenses in tv ads, banners and newspaper ads too still after all these things accompany owner finds that they able to target only limited audience.  But in digital marketing by the use of websites, Social Media Marketing video marketing a person can save its money and the little use of a time can target unlimited audience. It is gift for businessmen who wants to improve their business brands and for that open their branches at multiple places but still they did not get popularity at much for that digital marketing is a best option to get popularity because now a days most of the people use their time in scrolling the sites like Facebook, WhatsApp, internet surfing people hardly catchy with books they make their mobile convert into entertainment & infotainment  source watching movies , reading books find something , acquiring knowledge.  If you go outside, you see even a rickshaw driver will be scrolling his phone in his free time and they made it source of increase their income through registration in sites like, ola. Com etc.

 Platforms For Creating Websites

  2. Drupal
  3. Magento
  4. Joomla
  5. Weebly
  6. PHP
  7. .NET

These are those platforms where you can create website you can get free of cost domain easily started your work these platforms facilitates users to use applied free themes to make their sites designed beautiful. Every type of websites can be created here.

Initial steps for creating a website

Domain name – when you shop of your domain it should be relevant to your firm name and if you create online something that you should buy according to that . It Should be easy to understand and spell,

Content writing – It should be interesting and readable vocabulary when a person visits your site, he stayed at your website to read your articles.

Web designing and layout – eye catchy and attractive which describe your business relevant theme colours a site icon and logo which define your domain name.

Pages – definitely two pages must be considered About Us and contact page in About Us page you can write about your company products and company info like when it was started where the branches are and who began it, so the person can take easily guess about your brand generosity. In contract page must be add about company email id, link of social media sites and phone no. so you can easily collect a lead generation.

Call to Action – Apply call to action like Shop Now, Call Now, Book Now etc, so the person can click on button after look up your website like after showing the product images rates and discount banners read product description buy without any second thought.

Apply banners – List of  your product and services on creative and attractive banners.

Alt Text – If you want to get easily high ranked of your site on Google SERPs than must alt tag your pictures because google Crawler easily crawl images which leads your site high ranking in google.

User Friendly – website should be user friendly so he can use in any device like desktop, tablet and mobile.

Types of Websites

  1. E – Commerce – This website is for online sale and purchase multi personalities registered here for selling and purchasing stuff. Who don’t have investment to sell the material that means for buying the material to sell so they do affiliate marketing which is also a type of website in this type of marketing they sell third party stuff and earn commission on it.

Examples of  E -commerce websites are Amazon,Flipkart, Myntra,,etc  examples of affiliate marketing websites – Meesho, Glowroad , Shop 101 , etc

  • Personal Blog websites – this type of websites people creates blog about their lifestyle, motivational blogs, personality development blogs, travel blogs, cooking blogs. People make this blogs according to their skills and hobbies while other hand if we are talk about writers whose dreams to publish their books, so this is unstoppable way to publish their thoughts immediately and get response through this kindsn of websites
  • Business Websites – these are those websites which brings business for companies.
  • Social media websites – these websites also called entertainment sites also. These sites are free to use for everyone  and in todays time there are billions of people connect with it these kind of websites contain all kinds of knowledge which people posted according to their skills these sites just not is the way entertaining it is the way of also large source of income these are those platforms where you can do brand promotion, sell your stuff, promotion of your motivational blogs or thoughts  you can do video marketing the name of the sites are Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter , YouTube etc Although, there are no counts of social media sites but these are brand millions of people daily visits here look at the brief of all.

Facebook – Around 27 billion people connect with this platform actually we can say this is website there are innumerable pages you can do any kind of skills use here  like you can run a online shopping page,  motivational blog page, video marketing here, brand promotion here. You can create jobs here So this is all about Facebook.

Instagram – it is also used like a Facebook there is not so much differentiate between Facebook and Instagram.

 Twitter – It is microblogging site mostly it is used by celebrities

LinkedIn – It is a financial networking site we can format over business after creation of professional account through this account website can promote professionally and can target business oriented people.

Pinterest – it is a world’s largest pictures hub websites which is easily crawled by google

YOUTUBE – IT is website of video where millions of people upload the videos on different topics here you can see the videos of any topic, like shopping, personality development, news, entertainment, movies, songs, here you can upload too. It is different platform which is just related to only videos like many people do affiliate marketing like tod you about their products benefits and sell them. It facilitates you create backlinks, DO SEO of your video that means share your video on different platforms.

Forum Submission

– this website like question answered websites on different topics people ask questions and other leave there answers and use to leave a link of sites as an answered to get traffic on sites.

How to earn from websites.

When we our website address to google and leave backup links and sometimes we sponsored our websites google crawl on our websites through addressing leave link on another page, or direct by GSC registration. But all the things matter how we create it

Basically, a work of the website is increasing day by day as people need to increase their business or some business depends only online. Digital marketing is become so successful now a days People just need to access their internet to satisfy their needs like if anyone feel hungry open Zomato order food, need to pay , use Paytm, Go somewhere Call Cab , need something like daily use clothes, shoes, groceries access amazon if we see all these platforms make people their life so easy and time saving while sitting in office just by use of any portal or application people can fulfil their by using all these apps people can spend their time with family. Save their fuel and time. Not even this in Corona time during lockdown kids study only due to video conference. All these things just possible by created web. Due to websites created concept of all digital marketing stands.

Thank You.

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