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7 quick SEO hacks for the SEO newbie

Search Engine Optimization


Through search engine optimization organic traffic can lead to a website in search optimization a web developer direct addresses a website to a search engine in organic way. Before step ahead we should know what is search engine? It is a place where any person searches his query by putting some keywords. Like GOOGLE is a search engine, Bing, yahoo, Yandex, Baidu these are all search engines but the largest search engine is a Google. The founder of google are Larry page and Sergey brim, and the First search engine is Yahoo. Still today 40% audience work on yahoo. There is one thing which is always about we are read and that is SERPs. Its full form is Search Engine Result Pages its work showing result what we search about as its for who work digitally  that means through we can get how much our website ranked and on what page no. of google showing it.

To get higher rank in SERPs website developer do SEO, SEO means to get higher rank on SERPs in organic way. That means run traffic without applying GOOGLE AdSense.

Important Steps For SEO

 Content Writing –  SEO can make a good rank a website when the content of website is good, interesting and easy to understand

Web Layout  –   proper keyword organization, well designed web layout,  complete proper formalities of both SEO ON Page & OFF Page  on professional  level. A site should be relevant with your services. A suitable icon which fit to the domain name of site,  applied background images banners proper choosing of colors.

Landing Page  – A landing page is that where you land your visitor with the help of outbound link & Inbound link This page should contain a relevant information of which you put the link outside, proper designed and apply functions like Call to Action Button.

ON Page SEO – Whatever we studied above its partly function of SEO proper take a further step we make sure we had done our website SEO complete that means complete the construction of website. Complete ON Page we studied further.

Procedure of SEO

Addressing website to google we need to follow two types of SEO procedure and these are :-

  1. ON – Page SEO
  2. OFF – Page

ON- Page SEO,

In ON – Page SEO,  we have to work on website pages which are about to publish like on graphics ,Meta Tags( title, description and keywords) like if we ready a post on site then we have to make sure that its meta tags according to google algorithm like title should be 54 – 60 charcters.

For doing a good rank in SERPs  first we have to complete the procedure of ON Page SEO strictly followed by Google algorithms because with good doing in it can leads to be a good result in OFF Page SEO . It is a basic part of promoting the website.

Title Keywords

There are 3 types of Title keywords

  1. Primary Keywords –   Find the name of anything like digital marketing course
  2. Secondry Keywords – These keywords link with it like digital marketing course where is in Delhi
  3. Brand name – Search any office name , firm name

For example   :- Digital marketing course, classes, training institute in Yamuna vihar delhi.

and maximum 60 Description should be 150 -160 words and keyword is about 4 –5 words

Keywords are the main parts of SEO there are these are of 5 types

  1. Business keyword – provide business through website to firm. Its about
  2. Short tail keyword –  query using keyword of 2 – 3 words
  3. Long tail keyword – query around 4-5 words which we type on search engine.
  4. Blog keywords –  when we query about any article
  5. Informative keywords – which provide information

 we have to create Meta Tags of every single page. And the next step is that highlight the keywords in content so the google can easily crawl our website. If we apply any images on our post then name  them and in On -Page SEO this process called Alt Tag  because google easily identify by images and the benefit of it that improve image presence of search engine get top positions of your images in search engine. Make URLs according to keywords and user friendly, internal linking that mean connect all pages with each other on a static page keep scrolling bar 2 times content heading should be 14 and paragraph writing should be 12 check web size up to just 5 mb  website should be responsive means open at every platform and device like tab, mobile, desktop and on every browser. Now, the main important thing is that we have create website in a very unique , systematic manner and with interesting content  and try to a interesting content shows on first page so that a visitor when visit your sites so he stays at least for 5 minutes his 5 minutes paying our website will be bonus for us because it Slows down Bounce rate of our rate for website. If any visitor immediately closes our website it will be increases our bounce rate which will be bad in results. According to google recommendation Bounce rate should be 36%. According to google  ON page SEO recommended 35% regarding helping in promotion

Internal Linking

It means all pages of website are interlink with each other. In this process visitors can see the inside of pages its also called INBOUND LINK

After complete the formality of On Page now the turn come to up OFF Page SEO.

Outbound Links  

Do outbound linking is a main part of ON Page because we have to create inside the website content. Its work two sides create link outside for detail inside and create a link  inside by apply the link or url on particular word or image. of outeide page.


OFF PAGE SEO is a way of promoting the website through other platforms and try to reach on all platforms by using different criteria regarding promotion of website OFF Page works 65%.

In this process promotion of website through social media platforms, like Facebook, Instagram , twitter , Pinterest and linkedin .  post website article on other article submissions websites, post backlinks as a comment tie up with website links on same niche websites. Build online reputation management by replying of others comments on our posts. Register on search engines like on Google, Yahoo and Bing. Email marketing is a way to promote website to regular customers or retarget your audience. And if anyone run a e – commerce website so he can make account direct on Google My Business, through this platform company makes direct registerd its business to Google.

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