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Social media marketing is a way of doing promotion our products and services through social media portals like on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. These are our main social portal where we can easily promote our website because in todays time we every one know how much people run Facebook in fact there is millions of people run Facebook so that we can grab our audience through from this platforms very easily there is unenumerable groups and  pages. By creating Facebook page relate to our product and services and share the page on different groups or can say increase reputation of  brand through organic marketing and then we can run paid camping of the product and services by judging the chart of organic marketing like what kind of audience choosing it and then we can choose our audience group in our paid campaigns basically, social media optimization is first phase  of social media marketing. Through running ads, we can run more traffic on our websites through interlinking with Facebook page. Get more likes which help in making brand reputation. Same as we follow LinkedIn when we run our ads on LinkedIn platform from there we grab a very educated and high class audience which is very impactful for our brand or we can say we can get more business from this platform as like twitter on twitter we have to follow a strategy like follow common and active people use hashtags and link  of website proper post by using protocols of twitter. Like using put content of 250 characters using hashtags proper put the URL of website. So that get the direct traffic on websites. Now we talk about Pinterest. It is a world largest site of images by creating a content images or product images put the detail on it and can use option  call action like “ buy now”,” book now” like if you selling ang any service so you can use the option of book now or selling any product so use the of buy now by interlinking picture to the site. A person like the product will click on picture directly open option of buying. So a seller easily increase revenue by using this kind of strategies this option is not only on Pinterest there is a option on all social platforms in different ways like use of call to action on Facebook page there is one more benefit of using the option of it that the person will have no time to think he like and click on option and buy the products using the services. 

Social media marketing is a way of presenting a website in small pieces or different parts a website contains large content and show the attracting part of the content on social media to get attention. Because viewers wants always find something new and attractive so always need to present a content in very attractive way or by using creative headlines and all the things like increase Traffic, likes, reaches , all depend on good content. The matter is that how we present our site. And what kind of audience we target according to our . There should always be relevancy like on Instagram mostly uses by youngsters or can say who like arts pics clicks fitness videos or more fun so this kind of content can run on Instagram and people more enjoying “Insta reels” so who like to make videos there is good chance for them. Insta reels will help you reach your content in a very funny way so that it can the result of reach traffic on your sites can be increase.

How To Earn From Social Media Marketing

social media marketing

Now a days people who are back off from their jobs are likely to spend their timing on YouTube to making YouTube videos on behalf of their knowledges our Indian homemakers or ladies who never get to do something in their life even they never get a time by always busy carry out their responsibilities .A mother whom we talk about busy continuously to upbringing their kids work 24*7 but never think to make a carrier of herself. But due to promoting technologies in all over the world everyone get a chance to enhance their skills . and some people make their hobby choosing as a carrier. And our social media platforms welcome their abilities and give the a chance to do own something by living their at own place so, here we talk about how they people earn from social media . there is thing that our teacher told us when we in schools that the “Knowledge grows by sharing” the same thing we follow . we ready a our content and spread it as much as possible

Above, we talk about how can we run traffic from social media. Now, the topic is how we earn from social media there is many who don’t like to make websites they always want increase their brand awareness through social media and it could be anything some like to make picture blogs, ( spreading knowledge on different topics by creating picture blog some wants marketing of videos , some wants sell there products all these things possible through social media but who are selling there products and render their services they can earn revenue through it but who are spreading knowledgeable content like fitness videos, speaking English , dancing personality development there main motive is to earn income from the social media channels so for that they need to earn Likes on there page, at least 10,000 likes on facebook page no need to collect on one post there should be in span of 1 year. Same as there is protocols of youtube channels like 4,000 hours of watch timings, 1000 subscribers and viewrs and likes as many as possible to collect.  Every social media make there own rules to earn from their complete the ways to reach the destinations.

7 Tips – How to earn money Using Social Media | He Jab Web

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