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Pay per click is mostly is known from its short name PPC. Pay Per Click is a  inorganic Search Engine Optimization where we share the links in sponsored form we run campaign from the google ads in easy way to say that we run ads of our website on other sites  sometimes we show while reading blogs there are showing ads of  other relevant sites if we watch YouTube there we we always watch video ads , and in blog sites we always show picture ads but mostly it was relevant to that what we are watching. Through this we can click the more traffic in few days without any extra efforts and save time too.   

What is PPC

PPC is internet marketing model where advertisers pay amount on click ads by searchers. It is called PPC because an advertiser has to paid on single click on their ads which they run by search engine platforms like Google, Bing, Microsoft etc.

Types of Ads

There are two types of ads and a advertiser can target both.

Search ads

Display adS

Search ads

This ad shows on the top of the SERPs when searcher put the query the top result of the query shows on SERPs its search ads. advertiser target Search ads when he gets to know that audience find the results on Google when he knows the everything about the audience what kind of results want like any searcher wants online shopping and he put queries related to it and find the suitable item on reasonable price he will buy immediately. so, there we can take idea what kind of audience direct search on google.

Display Ads

Theses are those ads which are shown insight the website when a advertiser does not aware about the audience reaction these ads are for mainly beginners picture ads shown while we are reading any blogs relate to that suppose if we want to buy AC but we don’t know what kind of AC will be suitable to your room so you are reading  information blog and other site you see advertisement of AC company which deals in it so same as these ads are shown on relevant sites.

Benefit to run PPC

  1. Increase sales
  2. Lead generation
  3. Brand Awareness

How Apply Ads

Register on Google AdWords or Bing AdWords on whatever you want to run ads.

  1.  Campaign – choose campaign that on what thing you want to run like it is product any service, articles videos
  2. Ad groups –   Type of campaigns like if you choose any product like saree so now you have to choose what type of it is like party wear, casual, traditional,
  3. Keywords – the most important is Keywords because searcher puts keywords, while filling the Ad groups section advertiser need that he put catchy keyword so the through that keyword ad trailed
  4. Advertising – To run ads there is bidding section that means you have to tell Google how much you will pay on per click of ads. And you can run ads by the Rs 10/- there is no pressure of charge high. While running we have to selected Audience like what kind of audience we want to run on Ads, like male or female or both, kids, age bar etc. on place where we want to run our ads like India, outside India, all the things depend on our budget more the value, more the options. We can run our ads by minimum amount.
  5. Landing page – Landing Page means where your customer Lands from other websites, suppose your ads shown that the product is on that rate on your site. so the customer will click on that ad will reach your page and click the product and buy it. if you want that your running ads and your clicks increasing so you should make your landing page impressive according to your website content. And second make sure your ad link is open on your landing page if the visitor moves on another page, then it will be very bad impact of your page and chances increases bounce rate.

How to catch a good Traffic on Ads

If an advertiser advertises of his product in an organization manner, then he can rank above. The means of proper organization. Means put proper keywords, proper link of your website page which you want to show your visitor. If you want the that your click rates increase, put proper and accurate content and true information. Well design your website and the most important thing Content if your site content is fair whether you put any blog ads, shopping ads, service ads, business ads .Only good and fair content can increase your lead.

GOOGLE Analytics use in GOOGLE ADS

Google analytics analyses the data of the site its most probably use in PPC. After apply for PPC advertiser shows his results through Google Analytics as we talk above that when we know the what kind of traffic will run on our website through ads. So, this the thing we can know about from google analytics like what kind of audience running on our website. Which age bar groups takes more interests on our blogs. From which state or country people visited on our blogs. So we always check our google analytics through it advertise can apply his adds on Google search bar from where he can more traffic.

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