How To Fix 1316 Error in Avast Antivirus

 How To Fix 1316 Error in Avast Antivirus


How to Fix the Error 1316

Avast is an antivirus which help the device from malware issues keep your device safe its used as a security. We all know how antivirus used in all devices whether it is windows or android. In daily use of computer there is so much uploading and downloading in this case there is so much chances are increases of entering the virus in system.  Avast antivirus help in stop such viruses to incoming in devices. But the users get regular 1316 error by using it. It creates the problem in every hour. So, you just not to worry here we bring the problem of your solution.

First of all, you should judge that your device has a old version or updated version if you have a old version then it will surely create error because all error problems solved error problems are solved in 2019.

So, updated version will help you more because new version there is many ways to solve 1316 error. Which we study about it in below points.

How to update the new version

  • Click on the start and search for Avast Antivirus. Open it and click on menu bar which is on top right corner.
  • After go to the menu click on settings
  • go to the right-side tab and click on the first tab or general tab
  • then it will lead to list.
  • Then click on “check for updates”
  • After click on it you will Get the latest version of it
  • After this process completed it, you will get the prompt message to restart and accept it when it shows you and wait until it in process.
  • Open the event viewer by click on eventvwr.mscand click on the press on the text box and click on the text box and press Go.  And now you enter in event viewer and if you judging the old problem is as it is means 1316 problems occur in same way then apply the further steps. To reform it.


Reformation in updated version.

  • First two steps will be as it is after click on the setting option from the list and go to the the general tab.
  • Then click on the troubleshooting option from the subcategory of the general tab.
  • When you enter the troubleshooting app you will see error 1316 its not updated “ still having problem”. Go to “Repair app” from the list.
  • After that it will show you prompt message there is option “yes” you need to click it and let scanned without any interpretation.
  • You have to click on the fix which you are facing in using it.
  • Still if you have a problem then you have to proceed for different methods.


Uninstall Avast Secure Browser

  • Click the window key + R and it will get open the run open dialogue box. Type “appwiz.cpl” on the text box and press on OK button. It will open the programs and feature menu.
  • After entering in to it you will see the list of files and programs and from that list find the Avast antivirus software then uninstall it by right clicking on it.
  • Finally, follow the instruction to uninstall it. After uninstallation restart the computer.

Although, your computer will be start, if still same issues are occurred then there is present another method to solve it and that is “Uninstall Shadowpay”


“Uninstall Shadowpay”

Open the list of file and programs by following the same method means by Click the window key + R and it will get open the run open dialogue box. Type “appwiz.cpl

 From that menu of list and programs find the Shadow Play and right click on it and uninstall it

Same follow uninstallation procedure and restart the device.

Then make sure 1316 error occurred or not.

We show you many ways to get the problem of 1316 error. We hope you will surely to get the result after implementing it.  and if you like our article and you suggestion related to it then please leave comment.

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