Are You Trying So Much for Weight Loss?

 Are You Trying So Much for Weight Loss?

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some people face many problem while losing weight they tried so much but remain unsuccessful why it is so ? we discuss all the matters in this blog. some people make hurry when there is any upcoming function in a family and they try to do crash diets to look smart and beautiful or can say to fit in a beautiful dress but unable to lose why ? people can easily do weight loss but they can’t due to impatience they think they try today and it should be magic and loss weight instantly but it never happen as you will stay calm you will lose more and quick. and remember one thing whenever you take step for loosing weight the body will always take time to mold in new diet then gradually you will start you inches and once inches are gone then you no need to wait for seeing less result on weighing machine always try patiently.

some people are seriously take a foot step for losing weight and do all without breaking any rule still they can’t why ? we will discuss today after so much hard work why you did not get the result.

Why it seems to be impossible?

Stress – If you take step to lose weight but if you are started with stress then it will never be loose. Or nothing else people make tension of that they are taking tension of why they are not able to lose. Try to understand when you make any tension you will hardly lose your weight. 1st tip is that don’t take tension because stress create Cortisol hormone level in your body which is biggest reason of weight gaining.

Things which produce oil – sometimes people think that peanut, sweet corn and coconut are made for loose weight yes, it is true but depends on body type sometimes it does not work to those body suits oil and converts in fat. And how can you know about it. make a diet plan eat this according to your plan and in next morning after freshen up and before taking anything measure your weight if still its increasing then left it could be reason of it.

Avoid tetra packs items – Complete avoid tetra pack items like cooldrinks, chips, chocolate, toffees, heavy high calories dry fruit biscuits, salty snacks they contain quantity of fat more than any pizza and burger.

Fast and Fried Foods – pizza, burger, pastries, cake, French fries, chili potato, samosas, kachori momos complete left it or take once in a week or 15 days if you really want to lose your weight.

Ice cream – sometime what people do they left all kinds of sweets but they don’t left ice – cream they have false thought that it will not increase weight but the fact has more calories and sweets than any other sweets.

Don’t be hungry – This is really wrong thought that intake less calorie and keep starving we will get zero figure this is really foolishness thought because our body needs calorie to regulate daily process like for digestion and keep breathing.

What to eat and drink

Water intake – Water helps more in loosing weight. Because it detoxifying your body by flushing out all toxins by urine. At least must drink 8 glass water of a day you can add flavor of green tea and coffee in it once you take gooseberry juice take 2 – 3 times normal water, black coffee and tea if you are losing in winters. these are the ways consuming water in a whole day and you can take in night too. So always must carry a water bottle with you. Not let break rhythm of drinking water.

Less salty food – excessive salt in food is very harmful and also in crease weight so try to take less salt in food items. It will be harder in beginning days but you will habitual of it.

High fiber – Oats, wheat flour, but make sure use it without strain and seasonal vegetables use vegetables in salad and soup or mix it with flour to make chapati. Try to take chapatis in evening and keep the fruits in morning.  Like if you spend most of your time in office so you can take sandwiches of any cooked vegetable., tofu and soya products, semolina pasta but avoid cheese and add tomato, toned milk, dry fruits, homemade cheese,

In sweets you can take Rasgulla or sponge, take roasted, steamed and grilled food.

You can take lemon water with soda and sugar free powder.

Tips for cook low calorie food

While cook the food always use spoon for putting oil in vessel and always use olive oil or mustard oil. Don’t use refined.

Use non – stick vessels

There are many ways to cook less oily food like steam food, baking, grilling, you can choose anyone of them. There will be use of less oil.

If you making any fried item then use tissue paper to absorb extra oil.

While cooking first let heat the oil then put other ingredients otherwise the oil will get more absorb in veggies.

Strategies which less the cravings and calories too.

In sandwich use toned and hanged curd instead of butter and in curd mix the veggies like carrot, tomato, capsicum put 2- 4 drops mustard sauce, pinch of salt and black pepper then spread it on bread than grilled it.

If you are taking more quantity of fiber than you are burning fat of your body because fiber absorbs the fat.

Add homemade coriander sauce and salad instead of tomato ketchup, pickles and papad

Always use toned dairy products.

If you like spicy food then add green chilies, red chili flakes and reddish. All these will add spice on your food.

If you really like butter then you can add it from top after cook.

In evening snacks, you can take Marie light or Monaco cookies/ tomato and cucumber sandwich or you can take with homemade coriander and mint sauce.

Try to take dinner before 8:00 PM and still if you feel hungry so you can thin smoothie like add ¾ th of milk and ¼ th of water and coffee, if you want so you can add sugar free powder. Or you can take extra sandwich in evening time. try to take dinner 2 hour before hit the bed.

Try to avoid take carbohydrates after 7:00 pm and increase the quantity of protein but Don’t go with pulses because they have more carbohydrates then protein. If you feel hungry then you can take milk as I told you in night because milk is a good source of protein.

When you sit for taking your meal then take it with patience. Don’t be hurry. Because our mind indicates after 20 mins of done. So, eat gradually.

Take salt free food once in 15 days.

Do any physical activity whatever you like dance, aerobics, Zumba yoga, gym, walk anything at least for 30 minutes.

Thank you.

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